Selecting the correct unit to repair your meter box

To find the right meter box repair door and frame to cover the damaged GRP meter box measure the external height, width and depth. Make sure that you measure carefully, without adding any extra area. The depth of the units is only what is protruding from the wall. Note whether the meter box you are replacing is gas or electric as we have different units for each.

After you’ve measured the three maximum dimensions of the damaged meter box, find them in the first column in the tables below and look across columns 2 and 3 to find the appropriate Ritherdon Door and Frame unit to repair your meter box.

If you are looking to repair both the gas and electric meter boxes, we have available these matching gas and electric meter box door and frame units: R10, R18, R28 and R7 Special extra deep.

Repair an Electric Meter Box:

Damaged Electric Meter Box

mm (hwd)

640 x 230 x 33 Slimline R7
623 x 542 x 97 R7 Extra Deep Large R10 Extra Deep
670 x 500 x 80 Medium R10 Extra Deep Large R10 Extra Deep
612 x 426 x 33 Small R17 Small R10
682 x 487 x 35 Medium R17 Medium R10
685 x 485 x 30 Medium R17 Medium R10
690 x 493 x 45 Medium R17 Medium R10
770 x 550 x 65 Large R17 Large R10 Extra Deep
793 x 565 x 33 Large R17 Large R10
828 x 279 x 60 Slimline R18
830 x 280 x 60 Slimline R18
595 x 409 x 60 R18E Small R10 Extra Deep
595 x 410 x 60 R18E Small R10 Extra Deep
600 x 400 x 220 R26
792 x 399 (metal) R27 Large R10 Extra Deep
603 x 436 x 62 R28E Small R10 Extra Deep

Repair a Gas Meter Box:

595 x 409 x 60 R18G Small R10 Extra Deep
500 x 445 x 230 R22 R21
503 x 408 x 224 R22 R21
450 x 395 x 9 R23 Small R10
320 x 450 (without lid) R24M
415 x 400 (without lid) R24H
603 x 436 x 62 R28G Small R10 Extra Deep
623 x 542 x 97 R7 Extra Deep Large R10 Extra Deep


Once you have identified the correct repair unit, please check out the online shop. Online orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt of the order as we keep stock of our meter box repair units. You will receive an order acknowledgement confirming the delivery time and a tracking code for your parcel if you provide us with an email address.

Still need some help?

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Ligia Salazar