Sealed with IP Rating

RB Cabinets in situ

This year we’ve learnt about Ingress Protection for our products. Well, the sales team has! The technical and design team have always known about IP ratings. We’ve had our RB enclosures and RH pillars tested by a third party, Bassefa, for IP rating.

IP stands for ingress protection and is used to determine how much protection empty electrical enclosure can provide. Specifically, it’s the ability of the cabinet to keep solids and liquids from entering the product.

The IP rating of the enclosure is an objective measure of the protection of electrical equipment from the external environment. The rating will have different levels depending on various aspects, such as the design of the electrical enclosure. It provides a standard that everyone can understand and trust, rather than just stating that something is ‘waterproof’.

The IP rating code is made up of two digits, first digit denotes solid particle protection and second digit liquid ingress protection.

Our products have the IP rating of 24. This means that our RB enclosures and RH pillars are protected from insertion of solid objects of the size of fingers and objects greater than 12 millimetres. They are protected from liquid entering the cabinet from any direction.

Our cabinets come fitted with louvres, thus IP rating for protection from solids, like dust particles, naturally tends to be lower because of the louvre openings. If you require something different, we can accommodate for this and customise the design of the enclosure to fit you needs. We can provide quick turn around and have an average lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for custom designs.

Hope this is something you’ve found useful when deciding on your enclosures and if you have any questions, just drop us a line.

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