Ritherdon’s passively safe cabinet to be brought up to speed to EN 12767 Standard

Inside the Passively Safe Cabinet

Passive Safety EN 12767 Crash TestRitherdon’s latest product – a passively-safe highways cabinet – is to be officially crash-tested to the specifications outlined in European standard for passive safety EN 12767. The standard (EN 12767) defines levels in passive safety terms intended to reduce the severity of injury to the occupants inside the vehicle at the time of impacting permanent road equipment structures.

Passive Safety EN 12767 requires two full-scale crash-tests to be carried out on the product itself in order to assign the safety level and award certification for passive safety. One test will impact the passively-safe cabinet at 35 km/h to ensure that the product behaves as expected at a lower speed. A second test will impact the product at a much higher 100 km/h (62mph).

During both impact tests, two values will be measured to declare the safety level of the vehicle occupants at the time of impact; Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) & Theoretical Head Impact Velocity (THIV). Both of these values will be measured intensely and will determine whether the passively-safe cabinet is granted certification and meets the standard EN 12767.

Ritherdon performed a preliminary crash test on the newest addition to the Ritherdon highways range in November. The aim of the preliminary test was to assess whether the passively-safe cabinet behaved as expected when impacted at speed. The results of the preliminary test have given Ritherdon & Co every confidence that the product will meet the standard EN 12767 for passive safety.

The passive safty EN 12767 test is to be conducted on the passively-safe cabinet by TRL at their test facility in Berkshire on 20th December. A preliminary test was conducted independently by Ritherdon in November, with the cabinet reacting to the impact of a vehicle as expected.

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