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  • Just fitted a R17 door and frame to my meter box & it is a great, well made and easy to install product. I am not a DIY person so always sceptical when something says 10 minutes to fit but in this case it was not wrong, in place and tools put away again in just about 10 minutes.

  • We have used your products for a number of years now and found them to be good quality and competitively priced. We have also found the delivery of the items we use the most of (meter cupboard replacements and door replacements) to be extremely fast which has

    Shawn Greenfield
  • “ I always receive superb service and friendly responses”

    Arthur Woolley

Technical Information

This page is intended to be a gateway to more information on our products and about the technology behind them. There are links to information pages and documents on the Ritherdon & Co website as to other sites which we consider to be particularly useful.

Click on the titles below to navigate to the appropriate page, and please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your technical question.

Ritherdon & Co Website

Properties and Applications of Stainless Steel


A Slightly Unconventional Feeder Pillar Strength Test


Meter boxes and meter box repair

Responsibility for Meter Box Repair and the Wiring Regs

Selecting the Correct Unit to Repair a Damaged Meter Box

How to repair a meter box


Information at Other Sites

British Stainless Steel Association Technical Pages

Ritherdon & Co Data Sheets

How to measure a meter box

 How to measure up for a FireSeal unit

 How to seal the bottom of a cabinet

Lighting Control Box

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