A sweeping bend for easier installation – Pole Retention Sockets

Our customers are our biggest source of inspiration for new products, design improvements and co-development and that goes for our retention sockets too. Since we design and manufacture in-house, we are able to adapt and tweak our products as necessary to accommodate to the needs of our customers.

Our Pole Retention Sockets are often used for the installations of poles destined for traffic signals and street lighting. Customers mentioned that sometimes they found it difficult to feed cables through our pole retention socket during installation.

The design team tackled the issue by adding some different options to our retention socket. Adding a sweeping bend plastic connector to feed the cable was the perfect solution. The base plate at the foot of the bend stabilises the socket during installation. The connector is also fully rotatable, adding to the ease the installation process.

Now feeding cables, even steel wired armoured cable (SWA cable), is much easier to do, saving hassle and aggravation during installation on site. If you want to learn more about our sweeping bend option and our Retention Sockets, please get in touch.


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