Ritherdon rewarded with corporate membership by IHE Mercia

Ritherdon are proud to announce that our continued support of the IHE Mercia branch has resulted in Ritherdon being rewarded with Corporate Membership. Ritherdon now join multi-national corporations such as 3M in their continued support of the IHE.

As a result, Ritherdon & Co will be formally presented with certification as acknowledgement of our on-going support of the IHE Mercia branch. We are proud to have been recognised by a prestigious institution such as the IHE for our continued support and contributions to the industry, and will continue to work closely alongside the IHE Mercia branch.

Nick Newton, Chairman of the IHE Mercia branch said: “The certificate you will be receiving is in acknowledgement of Ritherdon’s support of the Mercia branch in helping to promote and support one of the industry’s leading professional institutes in the Highways profession.

“The interaction between the institute and industry leaders helps promote and disseminate information keeping our members up to date with the latest innovative products on the market”.

The corporate membership certificate will be presented to Ritherdon next month by the IHE Mercia at one of their CPD events and will be covered by the Highways magazine. Ritherdon also received a special mention in the Mercia branch Chairman’s annual report in which Chairman Nick Newton thanked all sponsors for their much-needed support in an uncertain economic environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the IHE Mercia branch, Chairman Nick Newton and all those involved at the Institute. We look forward to supporting the IHE for many more years to come and will continue our endeavours to exercise and promote the best possible practice amongst highways professionals.


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