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  • Photography of Retention Socket - Orion

    Retention Socket - Orion

    Retention Socket - Orion. Permanent underground base socket for (e.g passive safe sign or…
  • Photography of Poleplug


    Break-away plug and cable system for passive safe poles, allowing emergency dis­con­nec­ti­…
  • Photography of Demountable Traffic Islands

    De­mo­un­tab­le Traffic Islands

    Removable concrete traffic islands mounted in the Poletech retention socket to allow quick and easy…
  • Photography of Modular Access Chambers

    Modular Access Chambers

    Flat pack, quickly assembled underground chambers for holding electrical and signalling termination…
  • Photography of Pedestrian Guardrail Sockets

    Pedestrian Guardrail Sockets

    Pedestrian Guardrails act as a barrier between pedestrians and traffic in order to prevent the…

On 14th December 2012, Ritherdon & Company acquired Nottinghamshire-based manufacturer Poletech Systems Limited. As part of the acquisition, all intellectual property rights, stocks, product patterns and designs are now owned solely by Ritherdon & Company. All Poletech products, therefore, are now manufactured and supplied solely by Ritherdon to meet all existing and future customers’ needs.

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