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R10E Replacement Door and Frame

R10E Replacement Door and Frame

R10 one piece design 2015 white background

R10 one piece design 2015 white backgroundMeter box repair - med R10EMeter box repair - R10 s m and lMeter box repair - R10 Large replacement door and frameR10 Small replacement door and frame for meter box

Part number: R10E
£104.20 inc. VAT
This door and frame is a front fixing unit (drill and plug into the masonry) and is often used as a stock item that can cover a range of meter boxes or to repair an unusual meter box...
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Size Overall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
Small 656mm x 450mm x 60mm 5.0 kg
Small extra deep 668mm x 450mm x 80mm 5.0 kg
Medium 700mm x 500mm x 50mm 5.0 kg
Medium extra deep 730mm x 500mm x 100mm 6.0 kg
Large 800mm x 580mm x 50mm 7.0 kg
Large extra deep 830mm x 580mm x 100mm 8.0 kg

The R10E range is a front (external) fixing unit and is used mainly when the GRP box is damaged but is still firmly attached to the wall.

It is installed by drilling through the four holes in the front and secured using the four special anti-vandal expansion screws provided.

No need to drill inside damaged GRP box - installation safer in unskilled hands.

The units are fabricated from commercial grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and powder coated white to give a durable protective finish and have the electricity warning symbol embossed in the door. Please see this R10 link for details of the redesign.

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