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Meter Box Repair - gas

  • Photography of R18G Replacement Door and Frame

    R18G Rep­la­cem­ent Door and Frame

    Specially sized meter box repair unit to fit over the gas meter boxes of a paired…
  • Photography of R28G Replacement Door and Frame

    R28G Rep­la­cem­ent Door and Frame

    One of two R28 door and frames designed to fit over the gas meter box of a paired…
  • Photography of R10G Replacement Door and Frame

    R10G Rep­la­cem­ent Door and Frame

    This range of door and frame units are front-fixing (drill and plug into the masonry) and is often…
  • Photography of R22 Gas Meter Housing

    R22 Gas Meter Housing

    The R22 replacement Gas Meter Housing repairs a surface mounted gas meter box in about 60 seconds.
  • Photography of R21 Gas Meter Housing

    R21 Gas Meter Housing

    Fixing to the masonry around the meter enclosure, the R21 can repair a surface-mounted gas meter bo…
  • Photography of R7 ED G Replacement Door and Frame

    R7 ED G Rep­la­cem­ent Door and Frame

    Steel door and frame unit designed to repair large gas meter boxes. Its extra depth allow it to…
  • Photography of R24 for Semi Concealed gas boxes

    R24 for Semi Concealed gas boxes

    We have three options for repairing floor mounted or semi-concealed gas meter boxes: replacement…

External gas meters on domestic properties are usually installed in glass reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosures. However, plastic meter boxes are susceptible to damage from vandalism, the wind catching loose doors and from general wear and tear.

Designed to repair a damaged meter box in minutes, covering all the accessible GRP with powder-coated steel (most units are actually stainless steel) and without the need to disconnect the gas supply or meter, the Ritherdon Door and Frame units provide a cost effective and very durable solution to this problem.

You can follow this link to the production selection table which helps you choose the correct door and frame unit to repair your model of gas meter box.

Follow the photo-links above for information on installation, materials and prices for the individual gas meter box products.

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