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  • Photography of FireSeal Meter Box Fire Protection

    FireSeal Meter Box Fire Pro­tec­ti­on

    Meter box door and frame unit designed to upgrade the fire resistance of meter boxes and service…
  • Photography of CT Chamber

    CT Chamber

    The Ritherdon CT chamber designed and tested by Ritherdon & Co for UK Power Networks as a…
  • Photography of Passive Safe Cabinet

    Passive Safe Cabinet

    The crash-tested electrical enclosure that is passive safe to EN12767...
  • Photography of Passive Safe FlexiPole Sign System

    Passive Safe FlexiPole Sign System

    The Ritherdon FlexiPole is a passive safe signpost system that is tested to be impacted 1000 times…
  • Photography of Poleplug


    Break-away plug and cable system for passive safe poles, allowing emergency…
  • Photography of Orion Retention Socket

    Orion Retention Socket

    Permanent underground base socket for (e.g passive safe sign or lighting) column support…
  • Photography of Feeder Pillars

    Feeder Pillars

    The stainless steel feeder pillar range from 150 to 460 mm wide, with integral roots and lift-off…
  • Photography of Lighting Control Box

    Lighting Control Box

    The Ritherdon Pole and Wall Mounted Lighting Control Box can be used in areas where lighting is…
  • Photography of External Enclosures - RB range

    External En­clo­sur­es - RB range

    Stainless steel external enclosures built to a flexible, modular design (options for backboards,…
  • Photography of Meter Box R5 Standard Semi Recessed - Metal

    Meter Box R5 Standard Semi Recessed - Metal

    Steel electricity meter box tested to BS EN 1366-3 and BS EN1363-1…
  • Photography of R28E Replacement Door & Frame

    R28E Rep­la­cem­ent Door & Frame

    One of two R28 door and frames designed to fit over the electricity meter box of a paired…
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