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    CT Chamber

    Designed for 100A to 600A supplies (70 kVA to 430 kVA). Permits flexible installation (e.g

Pre-wiring service at Ritherdons
UK Power Net Meter Panel

Industrial metering manufacture at Ritherdon

Over the years, we have manufactured these enclosures for all the major regional electricity companies (RECs or DNOs) in the UK.  These include CT Chambers for UK Power Networks, Mod units for Electricity Northwest, HV COP 3 and LV COP 5s for Scottish Power and Western Power Distribution.

We manufacture metering panels from metal and plastic and have a well-established supply chain for whichever components are preferred by our customers.  The focus at Ritherdon on the higher end of quality and safety in our industrial metering panel designs.

With the introduction of the Building Network Operator, organisations responsible for multi-occupancy buildings (e.g. landlords) now have more options for how they manage their networks and also what metering equipment they use.  Our "BNO CT Chamber" has a long track record in the south and south east of England (UKPN network) and is described as the "Rolls Royce" of CT Chambers due to its build quality and safety features.  It is also relatively small and versatile making it much easier to install.

Building Network Operators

A Building Network Operator (BNO) is an "organisation (often the owner or landlord) who operates the electricity distribution network within a multiple occupancy building between the intake and the customers' installations".

In this situation the responsibility of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) now ends just above the "cut out" or "intake position" and, as long as the Wiring Regs (BS 7671) are adhered to and the P283 commissioning test is carried out, it is the BNO's choice which CT Chamber is installed.

Installation Service

From early in 2017 Ritherdon will be teaming up with Siemens to offer the supply and installation service for our CT Chamber.  Please get in touch if you want to discuss this option.

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