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External Electrical Enclosures - RB range

External Electrical Enclosures - RB range

RB460 enclosure and R200 pillar

RB460 enclosure and R200 pillarElectrical enclosures - RB460An RB600 cabinet without the plinth.Electrical enclosures - RB800Electrical enclosure - RB1000Double door cabinet, 1250 mm wide in the natural (unpainted) stainless steel finish.The RB1550 which is the  largest standard Ritherdon stainless steel enclosure.

Part number: RB Enclosures
£441.00 inc. VAT
Stainless steel external enclosures built to a flexible, modular design (options for backboards, shelves, racking, lighting, environmental control etc) for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment.
Cabinet doors with >180 degree opening.
Contact us for discounts on quantities ordered over 2 units.


The RB range of electrcal enclosures were initially developed with the street lighting and highways industries; however, their highly flexible, modular design means they are suitable as enclosures for protecting electrical and/or electronic equipment in the most inhospitable external environments (fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel as standard).


Block hinges are often needed by the highways industry for their extra strength, to make door removal easier and for >180 degree opening.  To address these requirements we have recently developed a new hinge system (for the new RB range) which has all of these benefits, but without the unsightly cut outs in the door and/or body of the cabinet.

We believe that the door: body interface on our RB cabinets adds even more to the superior appearance of our stainless steel enclosures over the alternatives on the market.  And this is without any functional compromise, as the mechanical properties of the cabinets have been improved too.

The RB Cabinets can be supplied with a detachable plinth which is installed in the ground before fastening the cabinet down. Alternatively, the cabinets can be fixed down to any hard, flat surface, without the plinth.

Ritherdon Enclosures -  THE RB HINGE SYSTEM

  RB Hinge Block Hinge
Extra strength
>180 opening
Simple removal of the door
Ugly cut-outs/notches in the door and body NO
Externally invisible hinge mechanism NO


RB Cabinet Dimensions

Enclosure Width
Max. Height
No. of Doors
RB300 (wall mounted) 300 150 342 250 x 210 single
RB460 460 260 1125* 930 x 405 single
RB600 600 330 1125* 930 x 545 single
RB800 800 380 1125* 930 x 745 single
RB1000 1000 380 1125* 930 x 945 single
RB1250 1250 430 1125* 930 x 1195 double+
RB1550 1550 430 1125* 930 x 1495 double+


* 2 slope to back of cabinet; excluding plinth height of 300 mm.

+ Doors seal against each other without the need for a vertical bar, therefore saving space.

The RB Cabinets are supplied with tri-key operates cam-locks as standard.  Other lock types are available.

RB cabinet internal accessory kits

The other new feature of the RB Cabinet is that the internal, modular design permits the fitting of a range of extra equipment, from shelves and partitions to climate control equipment etc.  This means that cabinets with extra features dont have to be specially made - reducing lead times and cost.

The kits can be supplied loose, pre-installed, or ordered and retrofitted at a later date.

  • Shelf kit (inc. mounting brackets and required number of shelves).
  • 11 or 19 rack unit.
  • Partition.
  • Glanding bars.
  • Cooling fan kit.
  • Louvre filter kit (recommended with fan, to prevent dust).
  • Heater kit.
  • Internal light kit (LED light including door-activated switch).


Contact us if you require different colour, lock or accessory options.

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26th March 2015, 09:28:33
Jeremy Haynes
excellent cabinet thanks for your speed and turnaround, I have put you at the top of our quotation requests page for cabinets. 

25th March 2015, 10:20:00
Jeremy Haynes
excellent cabinet thanks for your speed and turnaround, I have put you at the top of our quotation requests page for cabinets.

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