Electrical Enclosures

The Ritherdon stainless steel electrical enclosures for protecting electrical and electronic equipment have largely been developed for and tested in the UK road traffic signalling, lighting and monitoring industry. The core of the range is made up by the RB electrical enclosures.

Electricity Supply Products

Our biggest customers in the field of industrial metering and steel meter boxes are the major regional electricity companies, with whom Ritherdon have worked for many years.  However, there is an increasing need for other parties to install electrical metering equipment, for example landlords who own light industrial or commercial properties.

Meter Box Repair and Spares

We supply all models in the range with screws and bushes for installation, and each unit comes complete with a long-reach, easy-to-handle plastic key. Installation can be completed in a matter of minutes using the choice of fixing holes provided.

Passive Fire Protection

In the event of a fire in a multi-occupancy building such as a block of flats it is essential that the fire is contained at source while it is extinguished and/or the building is evacuated. The Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings (BS 9999: 2008) recommends that critical walls in a building should provide a minimum level of fire resistance.

Passively Safe Road Products

Every year over 40,000 people are killed in the EU as a result of road traffic accidents. Another 1,500,000 are injured – many being left with crippling disabilities. A significant proportion of these accidents are a result of collisions with signs, signals, poles and other items of street furniture which can now be made passively safe, offering a real contribution in the reduction of personal injury to the occupants of vehicles involved in such accidents.