Poletech Pedestrian Guardrail Socket System

Pedestrian Guardrails are one of the more vulnerable items of street furniture and are often surrounded by expensive aesthetic surfaces. Following damage, conventional replacement methods involve the destruction of these surfaces which usually cannot be replaced, resulting in unsightly repairs. Pedestrian safety is also a major consideration for many town councils. Accidents involving pedestrians are less prevalent where barriers separate them from traffic, and where they cross at protected and demarcated intersections.

The Poletech PGR (Pedestrian Guard Rail) socket system is a permanent underground base, which allows rapid replacement of damaged guard rail sections whilst preserving the surrounding surfaces.The special internal polymer sleeves afford a secure, vandal proof fit and can be colour matched to suit the surrounding paving. As it is re-usable the Poletech PGR system also allows for the removal of rail sections for refurbishment or repair, affording even greater savings.

The Poletech PGR is designed using an upper and lower polymer insert, which allows any planting depth to be accommodated. All standard sizes for single and double leg installations are available. Major UK bus companies have specified Poletech PUBs (Permanent Underground Base) for lighting columns and sign poles. They have also specified Poletech Pedestrian Guardrail PUBs for the erection of protective barriers between buses and pedestrians.

Major London Bus Stations have been refurbished using the Poletech PGR system and new Bus Stations can have virtually all the street furniture including benches and shelters mounted in Poletech PUBs.