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Ground Box for FlexiPole Chevron System

FlexiPole Chevron System
GroundBox installed for chevron signs

The Ritherdon chevron system is a passive safe, fully-collapsible signpost system that is designed to self-return to its original form once impacted. It utilises the Ritherdon FlexiPole signpost system and Ritherdon & Co have recently created a unique ground box fixing for the FlexiPole chevron’s to fix into. The ground box has been developed by Ritherdon & Co to offer an even faster and simpler installation of the FlexiPole chevrons.

Issues Identified

In order to ensure and maintain the safety of highways operatives, it is imperative for roundabout chevrons to be installed as quickly and efficiently as possible – especially on high-speed and congested roads. The process can also be costly if traffic management is required.

On a recent installation in Ireland (see image), in order to install the Ritherdon FlexiPole chevron system the contractor had to make a wooden box and fill it with concrete. The concrete then had to be left for three days in order to set before the FlexiPole chevron system could be installed.


In order to make installation of the FlexiPole chevrons a hassle-free task, Ritherdon and Co have created this unique ground box fixing (see image).

The ground box is installed by simply digging a hole for it to fit into. Once a hole has been made for the ground box, simply fit the ground box into the hole and fill back in again with the earth removed.

The ground box itself is specifically designed to allow the earth to go inside the box – acting as anchorage for the FlexiPole chevron system.

As a result, no concrete is needed to install the ground box or FlexiPole’s which also means no plant or machinery on site. Once the ground box is secured in place, the FlexiPole’s are then fitted into the top of the box in minutes. In the case of damaged signs, the sign itself can be replaced within 5 minutes – with no need to replace the FlexiPole itself.

The FlexiPole signpost system is tested to be impacted 1000 times at 60mph and will continually self-return to its original form after impact. Ritherdon & Co also offer an illuminated version of the FlexiPole chevron’s using our unique electroluminescent material.

Benefits of the ground box fixing

  • Unique ground box fixing for secure installation
  • One-visit installation
  • No plant or machinery required for installation
  • No earth to remove from site
  • Time and cost effective
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Provides secure fixture for FlexiPole chevrons

Benefits of FlexiPole Signpost System

  • Quick and easy to install
  • One Pole – multiple applications
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Crash and cyclist friendly
  • Extremely durable
  • Tested to withstand 1000 collisions at 60mph
  • Fully customisable to accommodate any low-level sign
  • Reduces costs!

Contact Details

For further information on the ground box fixing, Ritherdon FlexiPole or any Ritherdon highways products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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